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Posted by Eddie Hoskins on 10/16/2017

Beautiful home libraries are more than storage spaces. Beautiful home libraries encourage learning, inner growth and development. Choose the right shelving and the libraries provide your home an elegant charm. Despite their size, home libraries that take up an entire long wall aren't always expensive.

Building your beautiful home library

Less expensive home libraries call for a little DIY skills. For example, you could purchase four six-foot bookcases from your local office superstore and line the bookcases up side-by-side. It takes about half an hour to build each bookcase. Keep extra shelving knobs in a bag or drawer.

Over time,knobs can bend or get lost. You'll keep your home library shelves from slipping or leaning by replacing damaged or missing knobs. As a tip, make sure that floors you build the bookcases on is flat, as these bookcases can top over if they are placed on uneven flooring. Ebony and cherry wood shelving offers an elegant feel.

White shelving works well in rooms that are painted with neutral colors. Lighter colored bookcases also work well in rooms that are topped with crown molding. Some built in shelves come in white. What you'll get with built in shelving is a casual, modern look.

So many beautiful home library options

Paint wall libraries the same color as the other walls in the room. As an example, you could paint your wall library ocean or turquoise blue, a soft yellow or a mild green. Place a matching colored sectional sofa in the room and decorate the sofa with fashionable pillows.

Tall finished and unfinished chest drawers, the kind that you pick up from secondhand stores and flea markets, bring out the personality in smaller rooms. Hang original oil paintings on both sides of the chest. Open chest drawers wide to show off a library full of large sized, hard cover books. If you're an art lover, place arts books at the center of the chest.

Here's another option. Turn one side of your home office or study into a spectacular library. Decorate your office or study with an antique wood desk and leather,high back chair. Add in an antique coffee table and cabriole sofa. Place your home library next to the sofa. Put the sofa and library so that they face the largest window in the room. You'll love taking in natural outdoor views while you read an entertaining book, work on a new novel, check the mail or finish up a project.

Remember your children. In your children's bedroom, use the space between short windows as library shelves. You could also install narrow three shelf bookcases next to the windows. Section off books with stuffed animals or hand crafted pottery pieces.

There are so many ways to add a beautiful home library to your house. Benefits include a personal history of literacy promotion. After all, print books are becoming more a rarity in today's digital age. But, that doesn't decrease the value of print books.

A way that you can celebrate books and develop a love for ongoing learning is to build your own beautiful home library. Stick to using your library as a place to spotlight your favorite books. Add in decorative knick knacks and family portraits and, before long, your home library might become the favorite place in your home.

Posted by Eddie Hoskins on 10/9/2017

Renting offers freedoms that can save you big in the short term. When you rent, you can also lose a lot of freedoms that you might enjoy if you owned a house. But, first for the freedoms gained while you rent.

Freedom trade offs that could put home ownership on top

Topping the list of freedoms gained from renting is the ability to have maintenance and repairs performed on your home without having to shell out a single cent to pay for the maintenance or repair work.

When you rent a house or an apartment, a professional cleaning firm might sweep and clean the exterior of the property. During hard snows or other harsh weather, you won't have to pull out snow blowers and garbage bags and clean up snow, leaves and other debris.

You might even get lucky and rent a property right when the interior is being upgraded. That would give you the chance to live in a modern home without having to cover interior design or construction charges.

The above freedoms can yield hefty savings. In the short term, those savings can surpass freedoms that you give up as a renter. However, over the long term, those freedoms can pare compared to what you could gain as a homeowner.

Freedoms that you can gain as a homeowner impact your entire family. As a homeowner, you can add rooms to your house, turn a bedroom into a kitchen or turn a finished basement into a gym. Relatives and friends can also stay at your house for as long as you allow. There won't even be a need to clear long term guests stays through a landlord or an apartment manager.

Pay off your mortgage and you will have equity. Also, each year, whether your house is paid for or not, you can deduct homeowner expenses on your taxes. Most of all, after your mortgage is paid for, you can stop making monthly home loan payments. You could also sell your house for a profit.

Dancing between renting and owning a house

The only time when you might have to pay for general maintenance and repairs as a renter is if you rent your home from a bad landlord. Although your landlord might be legally required to cover the cost of the repairs, if you linked a rental deal with a bad landlord, needed maintenance and repairs might not get done.

Just so that you can live in a safe home, you might buckle and pay for the maintenance or repairs yourself. Outside of that situation, as a renter you should generally be free from paying for typical housing repairs and general maintenance.

But, that doesn't mean that you will be totally free. Because you don't own the property,you might not be able to hang heavy, original art pieces on walls. Repainting rooms, installing new carpet and upgrading cabinetry are other changes that you might not be free to make.

Yet, it's the biggest no-freedom area that you could regret giving yourself years into renting. You might not think about it at first glance. But, if you rent, you will likely never own the property. Generally, you would have to buy a house and rent another property to have equity pass to your children. You'd also have to keep paying rent. Years of paying rent could end up costing you more than you would have spent had you owned a house.

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This raised ranch on more than 1/2 acre in need of repair and updating. There is a city order requiring remediation of sanitary issues before occupancy. This property has extensive discoloration in the basement and a failed septic. ALL PERSONS ENTERING THIS PROPERTY MUST SIGN THE ATTACHED DISCLOSURE AND RELEASE BEFORE ENTERING THIS PROPERTY. Persons with sensitivity to discoloration and mildew should not enter this property. This is a Fannie Mae homepath property. NO FURTHER SHOWINGS UNTIL 10/10/17 TO CLEAR SAFETY ISSUE.

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Although you've enjoyed your residence for many years, all good things must come to an end. Now, as you get ready to embark on the next stage of your life, you've decided to leave your neighbors behind and sell your house.

Ultimately, there are many reasons why you should include your neighbors in the home selling process, including:

1. Your neighbors can help you promote your residence.

It may be tough to tell your neighbors that you plan to relocate in the foreseeable future. However, doing so may help you stir up interest from many potential property buyers.

For example, a neighbor may know a family member or friend who is interested in moving into the neighborhood. And if you give this neighbor a heads-up about your intent to sell your house, you may already have at least one person who is interested in buying your house as soon as it becomes available.

Your neighbors also can share your property listing with assorted family members and friends. In addition, don't forget to encourage your neighbors to promote your house on social media.

2. Your neighbors may be able to offer home selling insights.

Your neighborhood likely is full of property owners who understand the ins and outs of buying a house. Furthermore, your neighbors may be able to provide home selling insights that you might struggle to obtain elsewhere.

It never hurts to ask a neighbor what he or she thinks of your home. By doing so, you can gain honest, unbiased feedback about your residence and may be able to identify problem areas that you previously did not consider. Then, you can allocate the time and resources to improve your home's exterior and interior and ensure your house stands out in a competitive real estate market.

3. Your neighbors can help keep your neighborhood looking great.

Your neighbors may want you to stay in the neighborhood. But if your neighbors are true friends, they will probably do whatever they can to help you achieve your desired home selling results.

Letting your neighbors know that you plan to list your house may lead them to upgrade their properties as well. This may enable all of the houses in a neighborhood to stand out to visitors and will make it simple for homebuyers to envision what life would be like if they moved into the neighborhood.

Lastly, if you need extra help as you get ready to sell your home, feel free to reach out to a real estate agent. With a housing market professional at your side, you should have no trouble navigating the home selling journey.

A real estate agent will provide expert tips throughout each stage of the home selling process. Plus, he or she will set up home showings, negotiate with property buyers on your behalf and do everything possible to simplify the home selling cycle.

Collaborate with your neighbors throughout the home selling journey, and you can boost your chances of a quick home sale.

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Posted by Eddie Hoskins on 9/25/2017

Open houses are essential for selling your home. They give buyers the opportunity to tour your home and visualize them living there. But an open house can also have a negative affect on buyers if the proper steps arenít taken in advance. Letís take a look at the tips below to help ensure a successful open house. Clean & Organize: It is very important to clean and organize your home before your open house. A clean home gives the buyers an opportunity to see the home for what it is, and not all of your stuff and clutter. While touring your home, it will give the buyers the opportunity to visualize themselves living in the home and how they would set up each room. Clutter makes it difficult to do this as it makes rooms look smaller and covers up the true potential. Remove Personality: Itís best to remove your personality from your home when selling, and especially before an open house. You can always add your things back in after the open house. Things like pictures and picture frames, your childrenís drawings on the refrigerator, other personal belongings, and so on. Removing your personality and creating a neutral home will better allow for buyers to visualize themselves living there and making it their own. Photos & Video: Since online research is often the first step one takes in the home buying process, the photos and video of your home will be the first impression that a buyer has. And you want to make that the best first impression possible. Having amazing photos of your home and posting them with your listing and online will likely attract more interest and therefore attracting more buyers to your open house. Photos that are not so great may make even the most amazing home seem drab and not worth the travel to the open house. The photos you place online could make or break a homebuyers interest and desire to see more. Social Media: Utilizing social media is the best way to get the word out about your home being on the market and your upcoming open house. Realtors and agents are already using it, but you should also be taking advantage of it. Sharing or creating posts of your online listing and asking your friends to share will only benefit you. Youíd be surprised how many will comment on posts to tag their friends and family. It may bring more buyers and in turn speed up the sale of your home. Follow these tips for the most successful open house possible. Itís important to be mindful of the market and your home when determining what successful means, but what is important is an offer or multiple offers if youíre lucky. So spruce up your home and follow these tips and you should be on your way to placing a sold sign in front of your home in no time.